How Autistic Genius processes information???

When you’re Autistic you can potentially feel a lot more stress than neuro-typicals (this is people who are not on the spectrum). The world has things like; noises, smells and strange vegetation that have to be processed by the brain. So if everything is being processed, this makes everything information.

Just thinking about things this way makes me want to stop leaving the house, because there’s TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

“NO, Stop, don’t go outside, it’s everywhere!”

“What is?”



As you can see; just from looking at the exclamation marks and the capitol letters how upsetting too much information can be.

I know what you’re thinking, how come the same world upset a number of people when the majority of good folk manage just fine?


Imagine that at the top of the brain there is a sieve, and all the information falls in to it. Of course, sieves can stop the unwanted bits/information from falling through. What I find is that neuro-typicals are able to filter out the pointless information, their brains almost organise efficiently what’s important, stores it and then it bins what’s not so important. So if you’re Autistic the information will be processed differently.

The Autistic way of information processing is something that’s very complex. Now the brain can present itself indifferent ways but for me personally this is how I see it. The filtering system in the Autism brain isn’t very good, meaning that everything is processed at the same level of focus. This can make it difficult for us wonderful Autistics to concentrate on one thing, as there might be background noise and other general annoyances that like to get in the way.

This means everything is being processed. The brain on this occasion cannot cope with that, but according to my brain I like to take things in one at a time. It’s almost like a conveyor belt where closed boxes of information are passed to me, when the box reaches me I stop it, pick up the box, look in the box, work out what’s in there, close the box, put it back down and start the machine for the next box of information.

Now that’s a lot to go through for a bit of information.

As an adult on the Autistic Spectrum my overloads or meltdowns tend to come from a build-up of stress. Picture the conveyor belt again, to keep me happy I like to know what’s coming and this is why routines are just THE BEST THING EVER. So when I open my magical information box, it would be very courteous of the world to not throw me a curveball. But for argument sake, the world has thrown its hammer down and said NO to what I want/expect.

As this very nasty, horrible thing that life has thrown you won’t be disappearing from your mind. As negativity tends to stay with us Autistics a lot longer than it should (how thoughtless). If this is the case, the machine may not turn back on for the nasty thing to move along, this meaning that when the other boxes turn up things are going to start getting messy.

The nasty box won’t move on because I’m so annoyed at this outrageous curveball, making me obsess over it. But while I obsess over it, more bits of information keep coming in for me to process.

Now there’s two options I can either say yes to the information coming in or say no to it all.

So boys and girls, who can guess which option I chose?

If you said yes…….you were wrong.

I will most likely say no to everything; so all the information comes in, but stays in the head as I refuse to process it. The more the information comes in, the higher my anxiety gets.

If the curveball was thrown at home, you’d be OK because no one knows you better than your parents. But if you’re at school and you begin to say no to everything, a teacher could perceive you as “the naughty child”.

On the other hand the child that says yes to everything is what I call a fizzy drinks bottle. So when this child says yes the bottle shakes. Then throughout the day he will say yes to a lot of things, as he’s afraid that no one will like him if he/she says no. When this poor child gets home he/she open the lid, now we all know what happens when we open a bottle of fizzy drinks after its shook.


I assume that you all think I’m a hypocrite because I explained what happens when too much information is having to be processed by my brain, which then in turn makes it go bang. So ironically I explain this in a lot of detail, thus giving you too much information.


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