Why Christmas annoys me??

As an Autistic person I find myself asking, what is Christmas?

The reason being Christmas, from my perspective, looks like alot of stress and too many things happening at once. These things annoy me as there’s no logical explanation to the original meaning of Christmas. I don’t get why we have christmas trees, eat turkey, send cards, the silly need to have christmas adverts on in the summer.

Someone may say,”I hate having to get at 4am to put the Turkey in the oven!!”

Then I say, “Then why do it, if you hate it?”

Their response then, to me, just makes no sense, “Because it’s Christmas.”


Things you should do because it’s Christmas.

1. Give to charity
2. Spend time with the people who matter.
3. Help someone in need.
4. Just relax.

Christmas to me is about being with the people who really care. Of course it’s a religious holiday thats been tarnished by commercialisation.

As an Autistic adult I’m driven by logic and all the stress of Christmas is caused by things that you don’t really have to do.

This is just my opinion you’re entitled to enjoy Chriatmas however you want. I am in no place to tell you what to do on the special day.

It’s not like me to get like this but the build up to Christmas can cause alot of Anxiety, keep Christmas simple for the Autistic people out there.

Thanks for reading guys!!

Autistic Genius.